UbuntuNet Alliance, one of TANDEM project partners, participated in numerous important research and education networking forums during June and July.

UbuntuNet Alliance CEO, Dr. Pascal Hoba, attended the AfREN meeting, coordinated by UbuntuNet Alliance, WACREN and ASREN, during the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) that was held on June 1 in Tunis, Tunisia. The aim of this meeting was to track the progress Africa’s Research and Education Networks are making.

Over 48 participants from 22 countries participated and helpful discussions were made among Regional Research and Education Networks on activities, challenges and progress happening in their respective regions in order to facilitate their cooperation in implementing and promoting research and education networking on the continent.

Dr. Hoba also met Dr. Berhanu Abegaz, the Executive Director of the African Academy of Sciences in Nairobi, Kenya on July 21 so as to discuss prospects of synergies between the two organizations.

UbuntuNet Alliance was also represented by Dr. Hoba at the Sixth Global Research and Education Network CEO Forum meeting held in Munich, Germany on July 15-17. The meeting focused on a series of strategic discussions on current and future challenges facing the global R&E networking community and  brought together CEOs from AARNET (Australia), CANARIE (Canada), CERNET (China), CUDI (Mexico), GEANT Association (Europe) DFN (Germany), Internet2 (USA), NORDUnet (European Nordics), REANNZ (New Zealand), RedCLARA (Latin America) RENATER (France) RNP (Brazil), SINET (Japan), SURFnet (The Netherlands) and the UbuntuNet Alliance (Eastern and Southern Africa).

The CEOs agreed to jointly develop a roadmap to stimulate and accelerate the global implementation and adoption of new services in six focus areas:

  1. High-performance data network services,
  2. Security & identity,
  3. Integrated e-Infrastructure,
  4. Above the network services,
  5. Networking into the campus, and
  6. Closer engagement in the core processes of education and research.

The forum also accepted a proposal from the Global PR Network to coordinate messaging on the value and role of R&E networks.

UbuntuNet Alliance CEO also attended the Connect2Connect conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on July 27. The conference assessed the alignment of National Development Agendas with Regional Connectivity Initiatives across Africa and enabled clearly defined decision making to drive the continental connectivity agenda.

Dr. Hoba delivered a key note address and also presented a session dedicated to the UbuntuNet Alliance to over 300 delegates. As the CEO stated, officials from the Malawi government showed great interest in having MAREN, the country’s NREN, connected to the UbuntuNet regional backbone.

Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming events attended by UbuntuNet Alliance and other TANDEM partners..

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