nren_dissemination_materialsAWARENESS RAISING AMONG END USERS

TANDEM will create a set of dissemination materials demonstrating the benefits of National Research and Education networks with examples of NREN services run by users in Europe and Latin America.

The project has elaborated a first version of the document (in English and French) on the potential of National Research and Education Networks, in support of the TANDEM National Research and Education Network Survey. This version was followed by the publication of a comprehensive Deliverable, available in English. See all the links below for access and download.

The documents provide the following information:

  • contains an overview of the purpose of TANDEM survey;
  • explains what Research and Education Networks are;
  • lists and describes the possible services that can be offered by NRENs (network and connectivity services, middleware services, collaboration support services);
  • explains what NRENs mean to end users;
  • describes the role that a strong Regional Research and Education Network can play in supporting NRENs;
  • provides an overview of WACREN, UbuntuNet Alliance, GEANT, RedCLARA, ASREN

NRENs play a critical role in the development of critical network infrastructure and networked services for researchers and educators. Facilitating the work of these end users has a major impact on the research benefits that researchers can create and a strong, well-educated population. Both of these in turn can have a major impact on a nation’s economy. NRENs are an asset for a country and a key component to national and international development. In collaboration with WACREN, the TANDEM project is therefore developing a roadmap for the development of NRENs in West and Central Africa. The survey associated with this document is a major element in this roadmap.